Bordeaux is located close to the European Atlantic coast, in the southwest of France and in the north of the Aquitaine region. It is around 650 km southwest of Paris. The city is built on a bend of the river Garonne, and is divided into two parts: the right bank to the east and left bank in the west.

The city of Bordeaux, with a population of 239,157 inhabitants in 2010, is the ninth largest city in France; its metropolitan area sixth largest in France, with a population of 1,127,776. It is the capital of the Aquitaine region, as well as the prefecture of the Gironde department.


Bordeaux is the world’s major wine industry capital. It is home to the world’s main wine fair, Vinexpo, while the wine economy in the metro area takes in 14.5 billion euros each year. Bordeaux wine has been produced in the region since the 8th century. The historic part of the city is on the UNESCO World Heritage List as « an outstanding urban and architectural ensemble » of the 18th century.

Bordeaux area has the most important concentration of optical and laser expertise in Europe. The Laser Mégajoule will be one of the most powerful lasers in the world, allowing fundamental research and the development of the laser and plasma technologies. 20,000 people work for the aeronautic industry in Bordeaux. The city has some of the biggest companies including Dassault, EADS Sogerma, Snecma, Thales, SNPE, and others. The Dassault Falcon private jets are built there as well as the military aircraft Rafale and Mirage 2000, the Airbus A380 cockpit, the boosters of Ariane 5, and the M51 SLBM missile.

Tourism, especially wine tourism, is a major industry. Access to the port from the Atlantic is via the Gironde estuary. Almost 9 million tons of goods arrive and leave each year. Companies that have major presence in Bordeaux and Bordeaux area, but are not necessarily headquartered as followings; Arena, Cdiscount, Dassault, EADS composites, EADS Sogerma, EADS Space Transportation, Lectra, Marie Brizard, McKesson Corporation, Oxbow, Ricard, Sanofi Aventis, Smurfit Kappa, SNECMA, SNPE, Solectron, Thales Group, William Pitters and etc.

Bordeaux is easily reached by air, rail and road.

By air
Bordeaux is connected by international airlines  to major cities in Europe, and there over 20 flights to/from Paris each day. There are also several low cost airlines that fly to Bordeaux (EasyJet, RyanAir, Vueling,…), as well as chartered flights from international destinations during the summer months.
A direct shuttle bus to/from the city center departs every 30 min, and the airport is also served by public transportation.
A taxi ride to the city center is about 20 €. Please visit the Airport web site for more information and a list of airlines with destinations that are connected to Bordeaux.

By Train
The high-speed train (TGV) takes just over 3 hrs to reach Bordeaux from downtown Paris (Gare Montparnasse) with trains departing roughly every 45 – 60 min. There is another train line (also TGV) that directly connects Bordeaux to the Roissy – Charles de Gaulle international airport in Paris in 4 hr. For specific departure times and other destinations, please visit the SNCF web site.

By Car
Bordeaux is 6 hrs from Paris along motorway A10 that crosses the famous Loire valley and its Châteaux.

Local transportation

From Bordeaux-Merignac Airport to Bordeaux city Center There is the fast Jetbus, which runs every 45 minutes and costs €7 or the ordinary city bus Liane 1 which runs as often as every ten minutes and costs €1,40.

Except in rush hour the city bus is only a little slower than the expensive Jetbus. You can if you wish use the city bus to connect with the tram network at Lycées de Mérignac which is what I do Details of places served and timetables Jetbus …

City bus Liane 1

From Bordeaux City Center to Kedge Business School is only twenty minutes away from the Bordeaux city centre by tramway (line B). Take the tramway line B from Bordeaux city center to the direction of Pessac city center and get off the station of « Doyen Brus ». It is only a 10 mn walk

Here is a list of hotels ranked by range of price:

We strongly advise you to book your hotel room soon enough as June 2016 will be an intense peak in touristic booking.

Talence and nearby surrounding:

Hôtel Arena Bordeaux
7 Allée des Demoiselles, 33170 Gradignan
05 57 83 07 07
15 minutes walk

Campanile Bordeaux Gradignan Talence ***
allée des demoiselles, 33400 Talence
15 min Walk

Résidence Amal
690 Cours de la Libération, 33400 Talence
07 61 71 17 29
5 min Walk

Ténéo Apparthotel Talence
281, cours de la Libération, 33400 Talence
+33 (0)5 57 01 10 10
10 min Walk

Le Chalet Lyrique
69 Cours du Général de Gaulle
33170 Gradignan
10 minutes by bus (bus 21)

La Réserve – Pavillon du Château Raba  ****
35 rue Rémi Belleau, 33400 Talence
Across the street

Bordeaux downtown:

Appart’hôtel Victoria Garden Bordeaux
127 Cours de la Somme, 33800 Bordeaux
05 56 33 48 48
30 minutes by Tramway (Tram B)

Quality Hotel Bordeaux Centre  ***
27 rue du Parlement Ste Catherine, 33000 BORDEAUX
35 minutes by Tramway (Tram B)

Mama Shelter Bordeaux  ***
19 rue Poquelin Molière, 33000 BORDEAUX
35 minutes by Tramway (Tram B)

BEST WESTERN Hotel Bordeaux Bayonne Etche-Ona ***
11 rue Mautrec
40 minutes by Tramway (Tram B)

Hôtel de Normandie  ****    
7&9 Cours du XXX Juillet, 33000 BORDEAUX
40 minutes by Tramway (Tram B)

Study’o résidences :

Prices for 3 nights (June 1-4) :

  • Université 1:
    T1 (20 et 25 m²): 150 euros.
    T1 bis (28 et 33 m²) : 180 euros.
    T2 (34 et 45 m²) : 210 euros.
  • Université 2:
    T1 (21 m²) : 160 euros.

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